What I’ve been watching:


Bernie Madoff emailed NBC and dismissed the show as ‘absurd’. It is unbelievable how he got away with it for so long -all the SEC had to do was check on the account!

Apart from the weak ending, the show did not really explain why he conned people out of $50 billion to live a $100 million lifestyle…

And you know when you feel that something is off but the returns are too good for you to start questioning? No? Regardless, watch it anyway.


Finally, a show about the buy side that makes at least an attempt at some realism. I’m rooting for Axe…he seems like a *cough* decent guy…*grin*

You have to wonder though, are those last few percent of return worth the risk of the SEC and AG coming down on you? The fund managers working for him seem pretty capable without. I guess the image of a row of quants staring at code all day long isn’t quite Hollywood material. Whatever. Just watch it for fun.

I’ve also watched The Big Short but everyone’s reviewed it already.


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