Ten Things To Do If Banks Start Charging on Deposits

  1. Pre-pay anything and everything you can.
  2. Pay your tax promptly. Or overstate and reclaim later.
  3. Get paid in anything but cash for your labour. Kisses don’t count.
  4. Collect gift cards issued by reliable retailers. Not all gift cards are equal.
  5. Buy things in bulk from Costco.
  6. Buy goods, lots of goods from retailers that offer returns and return before the time expires. As you go into the store to return, buy yet another batch.
  7. Buy silk worms and mulberry bushes. Silk cloths by the end of this.
  8. Buy chickens and build a coop in your garden. Eggs are your dividends.
  9. Co-operate and build a neighbourhood vault to store the cash.
  10. Divide the amount and put it in banks of different countries with positive rates but relatively stable, such as Singapore, Australia and Britain. Exchange rate risks, of course.




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