Who Are The Force Awakens Reviewers?

The problem with Star Wars reviewers is that they have grown old –

yet still expect Star Wars to grow old in complexity along with them. What is a bitter pill for them to swallow is that Star Wars is no longer for their audience.

J.J. Abram’s Star Wars is made to court the twelve year-olds who are going to grow up with the franchise and sustain its commercial value. Had he made it overly complex, half-way through the movie he would have lost the interest of the average twelve year-olds. As they grow older, the series will grow along with them – not with the current reviewers.

There is also a matter of this: according to wired.com,

Luckily, The Force Awakens’ new cast—particularly Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega)—have proven really popular with new audiences, and one underserved demographic in particular. “One of the big criticisms before The Force Awakens was that Star Wars mostly appealed to guys and kids. It’s been able to do these huge numbers because that status quo is changing,” says Shawn Robbins, senior analyst for BoxOffice.com.

“There have been a lot of women coming out to see these movies.” Women and new young fans could be what puts The Force Awakens over the $2 billion worldwide box office mark (and help it beat Avatar’s nearly $2.8 billion worldwide BO take), but it could also keep numbers high for future installments, like the Felicity Jones-helmed Rogue One.

If you think Abrams has sold out – perhaps, but it’s better to think of him as pushing a restart button and starting out gently for the benefit of the younger generation (and other newbies). To know whether Star Wars: The Force Awakens is good or bad you should ask a twelve year-old, or a woman. Your over-analysing is pointless, this movie by Disney is made to please the Disney generation and new fans, not that one group of homogeneous reviewers.

Rather than over-analysing, appreciate the fact that this will create new Star Wars fans who will enjoy the entire series – going back to the old and anticipating the new – as they grow up.


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