Random 19122015

No context, just a few ideas that popped into my head yesterday.

What if you can send a sample of your hair to a (start-up) company that analyses your hair and personalises shampoo and conditioner just for you? The company would send you your shampoo and conditioner supply once every three months or so.

Another idea, what if instead of the Turing test we have a different sort of test to prove an AI capability?

A Turing test asks humans to identify whether they are interacting with another human or an AI. The most recent test was circumvented by the programmers by disguising the AI as a 13 year old boy, which is against the spirit of the Turing test.

Instead, a more robust test would be to propose a problem that requires an equal mixture of common sense, life experience and logical deduction to solve, present the problem to a group of people as well as to the AI, and ask another group of people which solutions were suggested by the AI and which by humans. Note that this should be an open problem with multiple, complex solutions, not the Jeopardy Watson type setup, which is obviously solved already.


Turing Test for collective motion

Bayesian Program Learning (BPL)

Child’s Play


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