Samuel Wong and His Alternative Investment

His name is Samuel Wong, 20 years old and his assets are worth over $100k.

Mr Wong has three different parts to his portfolio. He invests mainly in the US stock market, holds some stocks in the Singapore stock market – where he has mostly blue chips – and has alternative investments in fish.

He has assets of about $113,000 now, including stingrays that cost thousands of dollars.

Mr Wong strongly believes in starting early: “With compound interest, what I save now allows me to consume more in the future. It’s like planting seed in the garden. The more seeds you plant means you’ll have a higher probability of harvesting returns in the future.

“That’s why I’m going to slog now and invest my time wisely.”

And more,

Q What is your best investment?

A My hobby, which is tropical fish trading, and investing that I started doing when I was younger.

It exposed me to different kinds of people from all walks of life and honed my interpersonal and communication skills. Give me three minutes and I can sell you a fish.

It also taught me the importance of market analysis of demand and supply in a semi-liquid market.

Which assets can be defined as alternative investments? The value of tropical fish would certainly not be subjected to a market correction. Well, not the stock market at least.

Do read the whole thing here.


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