Random 27052015

Yesterday I was explaining to someone how I would go about making a masterpiece movie. Today I’m thinking, if I were to make an art installation à la Turner Prize entries, how would I do it?

I would prepare a bench full of cut-up words from the newspapers, white papers, scissors and glue. Visitors would be invited one at a time to paste together words to form sentences and pin their papers onto the cork board nearby. This is a little bit similar to the aleatory literary technique.

Once all the words from the bench are used up, the visitors who come afterwards will need to take someone else’s paper down to cut-up and reuse the words they need for their own sentences. The rest of the words not used from the paper that was taken down will be returned to the bench for later use.

All this while, a camera will record the creation and the destruction of sentences on the cork board. Perhaps there will be a ranking table of which sentences stay the longest on the board.

This is a page for the Movement of Aleatoric Modern Artists.


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