Company Research

A few things you might not think about when researching companies:

  1. Look at the recruitment section and scan the job descriptions and location of positions.
  2. The CEO might be tweeting, or other staff, (especially in their research department), or subsidiaries of the company.
  3. Other investors’ tweets regarding the company and go back in time as far as possible.
  4. How well is it covered by analysts, which analysts?
  5. Patents, building/factory plots and other ‘things’ in application/development.
  6. Glassdoor review of current employees, with a pinch of salt of course.
  7. Follow specialist sites on ‘boring’ subjects like packaging, sensors, data centres, construction, plastic, etc.
  8. Be aware of where the bulk of the business is coming from, domestic or international, high-risk countries, single customer.
  9. Be aware of where the bulk of the risk is coming from, disruptive technology, waning fad, expiring patents, inept CEO.
  10. Who are their current and future competitors, and how easy is it to replicate the business (barriers to entry)?
  11. Look out for the word “challenging” in any past company reports or CEO’s comments, conference calls and question why.

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