Reading Amazon

I had fun perusing the left sidebar of Amazon’s ‘Books’ section just now. First and foremost, notice how many subjects there are! Have you actually gone through all of them, or are you a creature of habit and click only on the familiar? Did you know that ‘Etiquette’ is under ‘Reference’?


Click on the ‘Romance’ section, and these are the categories. I do read these books, but it’s been awhile since I bought one, so the categories surprised me somewhat. ‘Science Fiction romance’ category sounds good, I have never read any. Some other categories just plain scare me.


Go further down the left tab, and you can see all the romantic themes. ‘Amnesia’ has 540 titles under it, but ‘Love triangle’ has 5853 titles! ‘Second chances’ follows second with 3965. Am I surprised that ‘Wealthy’ heroes has the most titles? Poor ‘Firefighters’, they are only 28.5% as desirable as ‘Highlanders’, whoever they may be.


Amazon is a treasure trove if you like to ‘read’ human nature by categories. For instance, under ‘Food and Drink’, the category with the most titles would be ‘Diets & Healthy Eating’ at 33 838.


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