A Conversation with Professor Muhammad Yunus

Why do you insist on giving money to women? They have no need for money!

So I had to say something. I said, “Look, when a woman says I have no need of money, I’m afraid of money, always remember that this is not her voice; this is the voice of the history which created her. She’s covered with fears – layers of fears – somebody was always telling her, you’re no good, you can’t do this, and you’re not supposed to do this….so that’s the one you’re talking to…”

Our job is to go to her again and again and build up her confidence, peel away the layers of fears…

If one woman tried and became successful, then her neighbours might become curious, “How did she do it? Maybe I should try…”

It took us six years to achieve this…

Do listen to the whole thing here:



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