Unconditional Spinning

Here, it is a little glass marble. Not much to look at I know, but it has colours inside, see? Blue, yellow, red. When you spin it on the smooth floor, the colours blend together.

Isn’t that pretty? So absorbing. Mesmerising.

It’s a token you can take out of the kitchen drawer to play with when it’s raining outside, a personal little ode to joy. And something you can forget in your pocket while you’re running around the sunny outside with the neighbourhood kids.

Flick it with your fingers, roll it against the wall, throw it in the air! I invite you, it will still be round and unblemished. No markings on the outside – few toys bear no labels ‘Made in China’ – although this one certainly was too.

The sayings “have you lost your marbles?” and “one marble too short” come to mind, but this glass of sanity defies that. It says to the world, yes, I am not part of a set and yes, I am dull in my description, but I am complete in my singular and perfect in my sphere.

Just a plain, simple marble, hard to break and I don’t take up much space. No need for batteries, just fingers to move me, and well, maybe a palm.

Your little piece of glass worth nothing much no one else will want to steal it away from you; and as other toys in your playroom change from season to season, fad to fad, this tiny solid gift unasked for will be as much fun to spin when you are eighty as when you were eight. Here, keep it. It’s yours.


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