Surrounded by Ideas a.k.a. Stop Thinking of Investing

Once investing has entered your blood, you never look at a product the way other people look at a product. You will pick up a bottle of ketchup, and think ah, Buffett and Heinz. Who designed and manufactured this bottle I wonder. How much are plastic pellets going for these days, anyway?

You enter Marks & Spencer and pick up a sleeve of a summer jacket and rub the material in between your fingers, thinking, I wonder if they are cost-cutting? Saturday grocery shopping at Tesco is no longer the same. You see the markdowns of goods on the shelves and remember the many discussions you have had with your fellow investors, and think, the analysts are going to downgrade them again, aren’t they? You are both the consumer who is benefitting from the price cutting and also the investor who is thinking whether the price of Tesco shares is stable now or whether it could fall further. There is that pack of turkey ham you need for your sandwiches this week. Putting it in the basket, you thought, a company must have prepared and packed the meat, which company had a contract to supply Tesco with this meat?

Reading, nay, inhaling the news is a way of life. Scrutinising whether a reported incident at an airline would bring jitters to fellow quick fingers or whether you’ve detected a coming hike in interest rates in Carney’s glances. Euro is heading for a deflation, quick, how many companies are you holding that have currency headwinds ahead?

It’s raining; it’s snowing, what would the excuse be this time for Debenhams? (Just don’t give away the clothes for free!). Drought! That Australian farming company is not going well, then. And cow feed with moisture resistance, how’s that going to sell? Hope for a really nice summer, I wonder how Thomas Cook is faring? Halfords’ bikes..hmmm…

You see carbon at the tip of your pencil, whereas I see graphene, highly conductive but still highly speculative…but which graphene-related company? Additive manufacturing, (you know how much I like 3D-printing), but do you know what direct metal laser sintering is? New Scientist and are no longer read because you’re just interested in science and technology, but also because that is where your next multi-baggers are coming from –or a signal to sell once a new disruptive technology has come about. Who knows what LENR can achieve in five years’ time? (Although I do have a small speculative on a hot fusion company that is going down a different path).

Drinking hot chocolate before bed time gives you double pleasure, not just because of its delicious warmth but also because your investment in cocoa rose multi-fold over the years. Oh, and this cup, where did I get it from? Sure is pretty. Oh yes, Portmeirion…., I don’t have a holding in that one. Dang, I should have, over 20% from this time last year. I did think of it, though. That counts, doesn’t it?

The doorbell is ringing, must be my Amazon order. The post is delivering it, but did you know that behind a building in a huge car park, a row of green Amazon delivery vans are readied for home delivery to be tested these coming months? Amazon bypassing the post and other delivery companies for the last mile, I wonder what UPS is thinking. Well, Ocado is already delivering pet food, only a matter of time before they will be delivering intangibles like data to your devices as well.

The Amazon order can wait, I haven’t had breakfast yet. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs seem extravagant this morning, why does smoking double the price of the raw salmon? They can rear salmon indoors now, which would bring down the costs, which company was that again?

My computer is getting hot, or rather, I need an excuse to stop writing and switch this thing off, look out the window and enjoy the morning without staring at a screen. Thermal conductance is important for computers, eh? I happen to know a company that’s trying to solve that problem… ah heck, it is weekend! Quit thinking about investing and go enjoy your gardens, fellow investors. That is, if the sight of tulips doesn’t remind you of a tech bubble….


[The story of Amazon’s green trucks: ]

[The price of premium tea-smoked salmon at Harrods: ]




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